Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Content Industry Trends in 2011

As we start a fresh new year of Web Content Managment, I was wondering what the analysts predict to be the trends in the Content Technology industry in 2011 year? Here's a collection of predictions I've found.

David Hillis - 10 Predictions for Web Content Management in 2011:

  1. Mobile Will Accelerate Web Content Management Adoption
  2. Deployment will be King
  3. Structured Content will be Queen
  4. Mobile Pushes Adoption of HTML5
  5. Content Moves to the Cloud
  6. Back to Basics
  7. Got Apps? Welcome to the CMS App Store
  8. Meet the Social CMS
  9. Mobile Changes Web Expectations (Death of Brochure-ware)
  10. MVC Disrupts .NET CMS Marketplace
  11. Importance of privacy will disrupt personalization and “experience” strategies
  12. Mobile payments will enable true content monetization.

  1. "Bring Your Own Device" policies will push HTML5 adoption for mobile access to enterprise applications
  2. Content-rich customers will rebel against Web CMS marketing spins
  3. Microsoft will turn to partners to fix SharePoint shortcomings
  4. The top end of the Web CMS market will be redefined
  5. Intranet community managers will adopt public social functionality
  6. SaaS vendors will try to separate from "The Cloud"
  7. Buyers will have a greater acceptance of newer standards
  8. Case Management will become the leading application from high-end ECM vendors
  9. Digital Asset Management vendors will greatly expand video management capabilities
  10. E-mail will remain the world's de-facto enterprise document repository and workflow system
  11. Portal software will increasingly produce services for other portals
  12. Specialized talent around managing content will begin to migrate out of large corporations

  1. Platform vs Specialization
  2. Integration of Web Analytics
  3. Tightly Integrated Search
  4. Cloud Hosted vs SaaS
  5. WCM Gets Social and Social Gets WCM

  1. Rise of Composite Content Platforms
  2. From Open Source to Open Data
  3. Smart Content
  4. Personalization and Curation
  5. Renewed Interest in Search
  6. Never Easy Enough
  7. Managing, not only creating, compelling User Experiences
  8. Social as a standardized Service
  9. Business Solution Accelerators and Cross-Over Technological Suites
  10. User-Centered Design and Integrated Collaborative Development Environment

  1. Business value will be king
  2. ECM will become increasingly concerned with managing content within cross-functional, value-chain activities
  3. Organizations will address the people and process dimensions of ECM in order to get more out of their current (and future) investments in technology
  4. The seeds of SharePoint’s demise are already sown
Phil Wainewright - Six big trends to watch in 2011:

  1. Mainstream means mobile
  2. Fake cloud #fails the crowd
  3. IT management gets wired to the cloud
  4. Data just wants to be mined
  5. Social technologies remake enterprise apps
  6. Business transformation becomes the big story

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