Friday, October 15, 2010

Good UX at BOL

Okay now this is an example of good UX!

Yesterday I complained about the address removal interaction at by posting a tweet (with a link to my blogpost).

And today already I got a mention from @bol_com, in which they say they understand the problem and will see what they can do about it. Now that is some excellent user experience! They actively approach me and even are willing to try and solve the problem.

Big thumbs up for!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad UX at BOL

Recently I ordered a book at (Information is beautiful, recommended!). While doing so I thought why don't I change my adress (I moved some time ago). Then I ran into an example of bad design: it was impossible to remove old address directly from my account.

I can see where this is coming from; obviously an account should have at least one address, but unfortunately BOL does not allow me to remove just any address (up until one address is left). 

Apparently the first entered address cannot be removed, which is very illogical because this will almost always be an old address. To make it worse; changing my old address into my new one is not allowed because the address already exists.

So to actually remove my old address I had to first remove my new address and then change the old address into the new one (and of course all the steps above to figure this out). Cumbersome interaction!